FREE Service Buyer Plan Subscription plan
Subscription Resource Access Permission
Attach Limit 1.4 MB
Upload Limit 1.4 MB
Auction Delists per Month 1
Bid Retracts per Month 5
Bid Limit per Day 15
Bid Limit per Month 15
Search Results Resources Yes
MediaShare Resources Yes
Private Message Board Resources Yes
Private Messages Limit 500
Private Message Composing Yes
Deposit Funds Resources Yes
Withdraw Funds Resources No
Add Bank Account Resources No
Remove Bank Account Resources No
Can Use Bank Account Resources No
Invoice Generation Resources No
Distance Calculation Resources Yes
Instant Alert Software Resources Yes
Place Bids on Service Auctions No
Post Job Resources No
Create Profile Resources Yes
Attachment Resources Yes
Add Portfolio Resources Yes
Provider Invitation Resources No
Buyer Referral Resources Yes
Provider Referral Resources Yes
Add Watch List Resources No
Email Profiles Resources No
Email Product Vendor Resources No
Email Auction to Friends No
Email Multiple Auctions No
View Feedback Resources Yes
Update Profile Resources Yes
Upload Profile Logo Resources No
View Transaction Resources Yes
View Scheduled Transaction Resources Yes
Download to CSV Resources No
Notify Upon Bid Resources Yes
Notify Auctions Posted Resources Yes
Currency Conversion Resources Yes
Referral Account Resources Yes
Newsletter Resources Yes
Press Release Resources Yes
Old Archive Resources No
Search Service Auction Resources Yes
Search Service Professionals Resources Yes
Search Buyers Resources No
Search by Category Resources Yes
Currency Converter Calculator Resources Yes
IP Restriction Resources No
Can Create Service Auctions Yes
Maximum Bid Attachments 5
Maximum Service Auction Attachments 5
Maximum PMB Attachments 1
Maximum Profile Attachments 1
Maximum Portfolio Attachments 5
Can Create Product Auctions No
Create Service Profile No
Create New Store Yes
Maximum Invites Per Day 5
Maximum Emails Per Invite 5
Maximum Profile Categories Opt-In 5